Mr. B. Morton

Health & Safety Coordinator
Chief Fire Officer
Child Protection Leader

Ms H. Farrow

Assistant Headteacher and Year 6 Class Teacher

English Coordinator
Music Coordinator
Spiritual Development Coordinator
Environmental Coordinator

Mrs R. Prince

Senior Teacher and Year 3 Class Teacher


 Educational Visits Lead

Mrs A. Horford

Nursery Class Teacher

Mrs R. Lester

Reception Class Teacher

Health & Safety Coordinator

Deputy Safeguarding

Miss Dyos-Szolkowska

Year 1 Class Teacher

Mr J. Green

Year 2 Class Teacher

Foreign Languages Lead

Mr. D. Larkins


Mr. J. Ross

Year 5 Class Teacher

Mr. J. Wallace

Year 4 Class Teacher

Topic & Engineering Lead

IT & Computing Coordinator

Mrs T. Taylor

School Administrator

Fire Safety Marshall

Mrs G. Nuttall

School Bursar

Mrs S. Redfern

Classroom Assistant

Mrs O. Lawal

Classroom Assistant

Miss L. Smith

Classroom Assistant




Mrs M. Pearson

Nursery Classroom Assistant

Mrs V. Brown

Busy Bees