Our vision statement is the strong foundation upon which our caring and nurturing school is based upon. Children of all denominations are welcomed and encouraged, and we actively develop in all children a deep respect and understanding of other faiths and beliefs. Study weeks are dedicated every year to learning about other world religions and children and their families are encouraged to share and celebrate important religious occasions.

Worship is a regular feature of our school life. Prayers are said at the start of the school day, before lunch and at the end of the day. Mass in school is held three times a year. Catholic children wishing to participate in the sacraments can take part in a tailor-made programme offered in school.

Through our adopted charity, Mission Together, children learn about and fundraise for less fortunate children around the world. Inspired by the motto “Children helping children”.

Vision Statement

BCPS is a happy and caring school community. We follow Jesus’ example to respect, value and nurture every unique individual to develop their God given talents and potential. We are a school where faith and future flourish.

“Spiritual development is exceptional” ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate).